G Scale

G Scale is one of the larger scales, and is usually found outdoors, in gardens.  Many people choose G scale because they enjoy being outdoors and gardening, and trains as well, so they combine the two.  If you are someone who enjoys trains and gardening or landscaping, then G scale is perfect for you.  Club member Charlie H. has averaged 10-12 show appearances per year with his layout, the “Paradise & Randsburg RR”, even making 3 setups in 2020. He takes it all over the midwest to various toy, train, and historical shows.  The club does not currently have a permanent G scale layout at this time, but likely will in the future.

G Scale doesn’t actually stand for Garden, The G name comes from the German word for “big”.

G Scale is 1:22.5, with a gauge (distance between the rails) of 45 mm (1.772 in).

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